Sample Cover Letter



Dear _______________:

As you may be aware, sustainability is of local and global concern. In fact, communities around the world are seeing the need to create local sustainability plans. Cities and towns across the United Kingdom and small towns in Peru have created local environmental initiatives. Communities that are torn with social problems, even those in South Africa, have created sustainability plans. As we have become more aware of the world around us, many members of our community have expressed interest in creating a sustainability plan for our community.

[Insert name of community] is taking initial steps to create a sustainability plan. Our first community meeting will be held on [insert date] at [insert place] at [insert time]. We hope you will join us at this important meeting.

In preparation for the meeting we would like your answers to the questions on the enclosed questionnaire. Please return it in the enclosed postage-paid envelope to [insert address] by [insert date, in bold lettering].

If you have any questions about the meeting or questionnaire, please contact [insert name] at [insert telephone number and address] or visit our Web site, [insert web address].


[Insert Name]

[Insert Title]