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What is E S D?
Reorienting Education
Localizing the Global Initiative
Challenges and Barriers to E S D
Community Sustainability Goals
Case Study: Toronto, Canada Board of Education
Managing Change
Public Participation
Concluding remarks
Tools to Introduce the Concept of Sustainable Development
Tools to Create Community Goals
Tools to Reorient Education to Address Sustainability
Tools for Managing Change
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Participants learn about each other and their goals for the community.


To encourage active listening. To build a sense of "team."

Group size: 12 to 36 participants.

Time Needed: 20 - 30 minutes


  1. Ask your participants to select a partner with whom they are not well acquainted.
  2. One partner introduces him/herself, telling important facts about him/herself to the other partner, including his/her role in the community and his/her goals or dreams for the community (2 minutes).
  3. The listener repeats the information back to the teller (1 minute).
  4. The teller corrects the listener if necessary (30 seconds).
  5. Switch roles and repeat Steps 2 through 4.
  6. Regroup two pairs of participants to create groups of 4.
  7. Each partner should give a 1-minute introduction of the other to the 2 new listeners.
  8. Scramble all participants, pairing each with someone from a different group of 4.
  9. Repeat Steps 2 to 8 until all participants have heard or given introductions of the others.

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