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What is E S D?
Reorienting Education
Localizing the Global Initiative
Challenges and Barriers to E S D
Community Sustainability Goals
Case Study: Toronto, Canada Board of Education
Managing Change
Public Participation
Concluding remarks
Tools to Introduce the Concept of Sustainable Development
Tools to Create Community Goals
Tools to Reorient Education to Address Sustainability
Tools for Managing Change
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by Marianne Chystalbridge

Change tends to meet with resistance. Planning, creating strategies to involve individuals and groups in the change, and using management techniques designed specifically for transition can make the process of change less problematic. The following seven exercises are designed to help people who desire to initiate change. These exercises examine some essential elements of change and help to organize ideas for projects into action plans. Exercises six and seven develop more advanced skills for understanding and analyzing the viewpoints, values, and patterns of communication and debate used in public forums.

The exercises on managing change are:

  1. Examining Assumptions
  2. Steering Around the Barriers
  3. Inventory of Support and Resistance
  4. Commitment Charting
  5. Creating an Action Plan
  6. Identifying Communication Strategies
  7. Recognizing Values in Action

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