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Author's note
What is E S D?
Reorienting Education
Localizing the Global Initiative
Challenges and Barriers to E S D
Community Sustainability Goals
Case Study: Toronto, Canada Board of Education
Managing Change
Public Participation
Concluding remarks
Tools to Introduce the Concept of Sustainable Development
Tools to Create Community Goals
Tools to Reorient Education to Address Sustainability
Tools for Managing Change
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The formal education community solicits input from citizens.


To learn what parents, business people, and other community members think is important to include in formal education.

Group size: 6 to 30 participants.

Time Needed: 2 - 3 hours.


  • Flip charts and markers.


Hold a focus group to answer one of the following questions. To answer these questions you must predict the environmental, economic, and social conditions of the next decade.

"What do you want the students of today to know, do, and value when they graduate?"


"How would you modify today's schools and curriculums to prepare students to have sustainable livelihoods and lead sustainable lives in the next 50 years?"

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